Markdown rich text output in the API
  • 26 Aug 2022
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Markdown rich text output in the API

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The long text field can have rich text enabled for headings, lists, code apps, and text formatting (bold, italic, strikethrough). In the API, the input and output for this formatted text uses Markdown, a lightweight and readable syntax. Originally invented by John Gruber, today Markdown is a popular way to format text and there exists many dialects and extensions. Airtable supports a variant of Markdown that is similar to most Markdown dialect syntaxes, but tweaked for the rich text formats. For more information on writing and formatting with Markdown in Airtable, check out the Markdown syntax for Airtable article.

For examples of how to use Airtable's API to read or update markdown returned by the API,please see our API documentation here.

Rich text display

Markdown output in the API

"Summary": "## Heading 1\n> Learn more with this [hyperlink]
( in this quote box\n\nBullet points below\n
- This is some *italic* text and some `code`.\n- And even **bold** 
and ~~strickethrough~~ text\n\n## Heading 2\n```Oooh! A code 
block.\n```\n### Heading 3\n1. dfsdf\n2. dsfds\n\nCheckboxes\n[x] 
Do this\n[ ] And this\n\n\n",

To get an even simpler version of this text if formatting is not needed, a formula with just rich text will result in just the text and line breaks. Please note that long text fields that have rich text enabled will always include a trailing /n character when the text is retrieved via API.

Include rich text in a formula

Markdown output in the API

"Summary as plain text": "Heading 1\nLearn more with this hyperlink 
in this quote box\nBullet points below\n- This is some italic text and 
some code.\n- And even bold and strikethrough text\nHeading 
2\nOooh! A code block.\nHeading 3\n1. dfsdf\n2. 
dsfds\nCheckboxes\n[x] Do this\n[ ] And this\n"


Is Airtable's Markdown compliant with other forms of markdown?

Markdown in Airtable is not compliant with the two most popular forms of Markdown: Markdoc and Github Flavored Markdown. As a result, you may need to experiment or create workarounds when attempting to create URLs.

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