Missing data in a base
  • 05 Jul 2022
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Missing data in a base

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If your base is missing data, asking yourself the following questions may help in finding out how to retrieve your data

Do you have any filtering conditions that are preventing data from being visible?

It's entirely possible that your data is still in your base, but just temporarily hidden by filtering conditions. If you click on the "Filters" section of the view bar, you can see if filters have been applied:


You can remove a condition by clicking on the trash can icon next to that filtering condition.

It is also possible that some of your fields have been hidden. If you click on the"Filters" section of the view bar, you can see in detail which fields have been hidden in the view that you're in.

hide fields

You may also want to check if there is an active sort that's showing a bunch of empty created records at the top of your view, burying your actual records out of sight below:


Did someone delete the data?

If you are working with other collaborators who have editor or creator permissions, it is possible that one of them might have deleted that data. On a laptop or desktop, you can restore views, records, fields, extensions, and tables deleted within the past week from the trash for your base.


If you are not able to find your information in the trash, this could be because the trash was emptied recently by you or one of your fellow collaborators, or because the information you're looking for was deleted more than seven days ago. If you're having trouble tracking down your data, please contact your fellow collaborators and ask if they might have deleted the data or emptied the trash.

You can also check a records' revision history, which shows an activity feed of the changes made to a record when expanded. It's possible a collaborator of yours deleted the contents of an entire field without deleting the column itself. If too late for Cmd+Z to undo that action, the deleted content of each record can be copied and pasted back into a record from its revision history.


Do any of your base snapshots contain the now-deleted data?

More efficient than copying and pasting content from revision history record-by-record would be restoring a base's snapshot -- if one has been taken recently. The base resulting from the snapshot won't override your current base; a separate (historical) copy of your base will be created, for comparison. We recommend opening snapshots in a different browser tab for batch-copying, in order to paste cells en mass back into your original base (the one with the lost data).


If an entire base you own has been deleted within the past seven days, it should be visible in your workspace trash, accessible from the Airtable home screen when logged in from a laptop or desktop.


your title goes here

Bases shared with you will silently disappear if any Creators or Owners on the parent workspace remove you as a collaborator. Specifically, this would affect bases in the "Bases shared with me" section of your Airtable home page. If this is the case, you'll need to check with an Owner on that base to regain access.

Finally, it's always worth double-checking that you're logged into the correct Airtable account.


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