Row height
  • 06 Jul 2022
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Row height

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By default, a grid view displays its records at a short row height, designed for maximum density of records. At the short row height, each record shows one line of text and small attachment thumbnails. If you'd like to be able to see more text and larger images for your records, then you can adjust your row height from the default short setting.

There are four different row height options:

  • Short (the most dense option, and the default height for new views)
  • Medium
  • Tall
  • Extra Tall (the most spacious option)


To change the row height in your current view, click the row height switcher in the view bar, then select the desired row height.


The shorter row heights allow you to see more records at once, whereas the larger row heights allow you to see more information per each record. Specifically, larger row heights will show multiple lines of text in text fields, multiple lines of linked records, multiple lines of multiple select field options, multiple lines of collaborators in collaborator fields, and larger images.

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Changing the row height does not affect the height of field headers, which are not currently height-adjustable.

If you're a Pro or Enterprise plan user with creator permissions and you want to ensure that your preferred row height configuration on a view won't get accidentally changed, you can lock the view, which will prevent all collaborators from altering a view's configuration until it's been unlocked by someone with creator permissions.

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