Adding a base collaborator
  • 04 Oct 2022
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Adding a base collaborator

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A base collaborator has access to a specific base without necessarily having access to the other bases in a workspace. This can be useful for collaborating with people who don't need to see all of the bases in an entire workspace. If you find yourself adding the same person as a base collaborator to many bases in a single workspace, you may want to consider making that person a workspace collaborator instead.

Remember that when you add a billable collaborator (commenter, editor, creator, or owner level) to your base or workspace, you will be charged. To learn more about how collaborators are billed, please read this support article. You can also learn more about collaborators and permission levels in the collaboration guide. To learn how to update the permissions of an existing collaborator or remove them entirely, see this article.

Enterprise admins have access to additional collaboration tools on the Users - Airtable Enterprise Admin Panel.

Add base collaborators by email

To add one or many collaborators to an individual base without adding them to an entire workspace, you'll need to navigate to that base's share dialog. You can access a base's share dialog from the home screen, by clicking on the dropdown arrow that appears when you mouse over a base icon, then clicking the Share button from the configuration menu that appears.


You can also access a base's share dialog from within a base by clicking on the Share button on the top right side of the page.

Either of these methods will bring up the share dialog.

Within the share dialog, underneath where it says Invite by email, you can type in the email address(es) of the person or people you wish to invite to collaborate on the base.


You can add multiple emails by inputting an email and pressing enter. Each individual email address will appear as a grey token.


You can also set the permission level for the collaborator(s) using the dropdown to the right.


You can also choose to invite this person or people as a workspace collaborator by checking this box:


You also have the option of typing a message the person or people with whom you wish to collaborate. This person will see that message in their email invite. When you're done, click the "Invite" button.


If you need to invite many people to a base, instead of inviting many people one at a time, you can create a link that will grant access (at the specified permission level) to anyone who opens the link.

(Note that you will need to have at least creator-level permissions to the base in order to create an invite link—if you are an editor, commenter, or read-only base collaborator, you cannot create an invite link.)

To create the invite link, open up the share dialog. You can do this either from the homescreen, or from within the base you wish to share. Access to the share dialog is shown in images in the section above.

From within the share dialog, notice that there is the option to invite by email and the option to "Create link." By default, the share dialog is set to invite by email, so click on the "Create link" option.


First, you can set the permission level associated with the invite link. By default, it is set to grant creator access to anyone who opens the link, but if you click on the permission dropdown, you can also set it so that anyone who opens the link will be granted editor, commenter, or read-only access. (If you need a refresher on permission levels, please read the permissions article.)


You also have the choice of making the link work for anyone with an Airtable account who opens the link, or you can set it so that the link will only work for people with email addresses from a specific domain. The latter option is useful if you work for an organization and you want to limit access to the base only to people within your organization.


Once you've set the permission level and domain restriction (if desired), click the blue Create link button to create the invite link. Creating the link will create a new section within the share dialog called "Invite links," which will show all of the invite links that have been created for this base. A base can have multiple invite links, of differing permission levels and domain restrictions.


Simply click on a link to copy it to your clipboard. You should see a notification pop up on your screen confirming that the link was copied.

To delete an invite link, click the X to the right of the invite link. Deleting the invite link will deactivate it, and anyone who attempts to use the old link will not be able to use the old link to get access the base.


How to remove base collaborators

To remove a base collaborator, open the base share settings. Then click the "Manage" button next to the current collaborator list.


This will open a new window where you can select individual collaborators to remove or check the box at the top to remove multiple collaborators. (At least one owner will always need to remain and you can't remove your own access.)


Managing base and workspace collaborators

To manage your collaborators in one place, first, open your workspace settings.

workspace settings

From there you can see a list of all bases in that workspace, and which collaborators are shared to each base. You can also manage workspace collaborators from the same screen as well.


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