Requesting a refund from Airtable
  • 31 Oct 2022
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Requesting a refund from Airtable

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If you've unintentionally been charged for other collaborators, or upgraded a workspace by mistake and received a charge, we may be able to offer a refund. To request a refund, you'll first need to either remove any collaborators that were unintentionally added, or downgrade your workspace to a free plan.

How to remove billable collaborators

Before we can look into a refund for billable collaborators, you need to remove their paid access. You can do this by changing each accidental billable user's permission level to read-only, or by removing them from the base(s)/workspace entirely. The process is a bit different depending on whether these users are workspace collaborators or individual base collaborators.

To manage access for base collaborators, first view your bases in grid layout.


When bases are viewed in a grid, you'll see the number of base collaborators at the top right corner of each base.


You can click this number to open that base's sharing menu. From here, you remove individuals' access or downgrade their permissions on this base, as described above.


Please note that there isn't a one-click way to remove a user's access from all bases they've been added to on your workspace. If someone's a collaborator on multiple individual bases in your workspace, you'll have to remove him or her from each base.

A workspace collaborator has access to every base in the workspace, and won't need to be removed from any of them individually. You can manage access for workspace collaborators from the menu behind the green
Share button at the top right of your workspace, when viewed from


How to downgrade your workspace

Start by visiting , and clicking on the workspace that you wish to downgrade from the left-hand side of the screen.


This will open the workspace settings page for the workspace you selecting. Click "Change billing plan", and afterwards you can then select the free plan in order to fully downgrade your workspace.


After you've downgraded the workspace or lowered the billable collaborator count to the desired number,please contact us here or through the in-app help menu to request a refund.


I upgraded a workspace by accident - what should I do?

If you upgraded an Airtable workspace by mistake, you can proceed to downgrade by clicking the plan to the right of the workspace's name. Upon downgrading, you'll be auto-issued a refund of Airtable credits, prorated to your remaining paid commitment. This credit refund will go through a month after your most recent invoice.

Why am I paying a different amount than I was expecting?

If you upgraded an Airtable workspace by mistake, you can downgrade by following the instructions above. Upon downgrading, you'll be auto-issued a refund of Airtable credits, prorated to your remaining paid commitment. This credit refund will go through a month after your most recent invoice.

I received a charge from Airtable but didn't sign up

If you didn't sign up for Airtable but have a charge from us on your credit card statement, we recommend first checking whether a coworker or family member may be using Airtable - in our experience, this accounts for most unexplained charges. If you can't identify who's responsible for a charge, contact us with the details of the charge (date, amount, and last four digits of the credit card), and we'd be glad to help figure this out.

If I live in a region that legally requires refunds, what should I do to request one?

If you live in a region with a mandatory refund policy, you may be eligible for a refund. As an example, customers living in the European Union are allowed to cancel a paid plan within 14 days of purchase and receive a refund.

We can only issue refunds if you take the following steps within the appropriate period of time (as specified by regional law):

  1. Contact support.
  2. If you live in a region that legally requires us to provide refunds, please let us know which region that is. Not providing this information may cause delays.
How to remove billable collaborators

What happens when you downgrade a workspace?
Downgrading your workspace's paid plan from Plus or Pro to free before the end of the billing cycle means that your workspace will immediately drop down to the free plan, and will lose access to the additional features provided by paid plans, including:

  • Increased record limits
  • Increased attachment space
  • Extended revision and snapshot history
  • Form customization (for Pro plans)
  • Personal views (for Pro plans)
  • Additional select token colors (for Pro plans)
  • Premium calendar features (for Pro plans)
  • Password-restricted share links (for Pro plans)
  • Email domain-restricted share links (for Pro plans)

Additionally, if your bases have Airtable extension, any added extensions to your bases will be disabled, meaning that you will not be able to interact with them or view them. (However, if you choose to reupgrade to Pro in the future, you will be able to reactivate these extensions). Your workspace will then be prorated for the remainder of your billing cycle in Airtable credits (not cash).

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