What to do if you see an over limits warning
  • 08 Feb 2023
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What to do if you see an over limits warning

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Article Summary

If you have exceeded the usage limits for your base, you may see an over-limits warning to alert you. This article overviews how to check your usage and what you can do to get your base(s) back within plan limits. More information on Automation limits can be found in this support article.

Workspace limits

There is a limit of 500 bases and 5,000 collaborators per workspace. You can have an unlimited number of workspaces within your account.

As a reminder, our non-Enterprise billing plans are scoped to the workspace level. This means that any such non-enterprise plan hosts one workspace each. More information is available on our Billing FAQs page.

Base limits

Depending on your workspace plan, bases have a limit for how many records and how much attachment space is allotted.


Airtable plan limits are:

  • Free - 1,200 records, 2GB attachment space, 1 extension, 1 sync integration per base
  • Plus - 5,000 records, 5GB attachment space, 3 extensions, 3 sync integrations per base
  • Pro - 50,000 records, 20GB attachment space, 10 extensions, 7 sync integrations per base
  • Enterprise - 250,000 records (100k per table), 1000GB attachment space per base
For more information on plan limits...
The information above is meant as a quick reference for the feature limitations associated with different Airtable plans. For a more comprehensive overview of the differences between our plan types, please review our pricing page.

Additionally, every base can have up to 1,000 tables, as well as a technical limit of 500 extensions (though there may be a plan limit on extensions that supersedes this number).

Table limits

  • Views per table - 1,000
  • Fields per table - 500
  • Records per table - 100,000 (See below for more information)

The number of records that can reside in a table in your base is dependent upon the workspace's plan type as well as the number of records in other tables on the same base. Here are two examples to better illustrate this:

  1. Your base is in a workspace on the Enterprise plan. This means the base has a 250,000 record limit. The base has three tables. If one of the tables has 100,000 records and another table has 75,000 records, then the third table is limited to also containing 75,000 records before hitting the over-limits warning. Additionally, any single table is only able to have 100,000 records so adding another record to the table with 100,000 records would also cause the record limit to be exceeded.
  2. In this example, you are working in a base in a workspace on the Plus plan. This means the base has a 5,000 record limit. The base has 5 tables with 1,000 records. This base has just hit its record limit. Adding another table with additional records or another record to an existing table in the base will cause the base to exceed the record limits and the over-limit warning to appear.

How to check your usage and limits

If you ever need to check the number of records in a base or the amount of attachment space used, you can see each base's current usage on the workspace settings page where that base resides.


How to fix the over limits warning

To fix the over-limits warning you will need to do one or more of the following (according to your workspace plan):

  • delete unnecessary records
  • delete empty records
  • check for filtered records
  • split contents of the base across multiple bases
  • download data via CSV or even paste old records into another base to "archive" them elsewhere
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The "over limits" badge sometimes takes a bit of time to update, so if your base is now within the plan limits, you should see that alert disappear shortly.


How do I increase my plan's limits? How much would it cost?

You can find monthly and annual pricing on Airtable's pricing page. For more information about upgrading your workspace—check out our support article about upgrading your plan.

Once my base has been marked as "Over limits" am I immediately blocked from adding to that base?

After a base reaches its plan's record or attachment storage limit, we do not immediately restrict you from adding more information to the over-limit base. We provide a reasonable timeframe to either upgrade the workspace or to bring the base back within its plan's limits.

I just deleted some information from my base and it's now under the plan limit. Why do I still see the "Over limits" badge?

The "Over limits" badge will take a few hours to update, even after bringing the base down within its plan's limits.pricing page

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